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We are the Beauty entrepreneurs who brought passion to the profession. We believe nothing can beat the creativity, that’s why we are ever eager to maximize our power and potential in the field of creativity. Being in the industry for a long span of time, we have mastered the art of the business. We use the most sophisticated products and the latest techniques to create your signature Look.


Luxury Bridal Makeup Service


Bringing your vision to life, capturing your essence and creating the mesmerizing look, to last a lifetime. We are the Professional Bridal Makeup Artists giving a Luxe experience for the Beauty obsessed Brides of Patna. We specialize in collaborating with our brides on their wedding makeup plan, honing in on each bride’s vision, and translating it into a unique look that fits their wedding vibe and personal style. Selecting Beauty island is an investment in your memories, which last a life time. We are your Bridal BFF



 It is the first function of your months long whole wedding rituals. Start it with a bang. Let the Groom feel to whom he is  going to Marry.  Your makeup and costume is going to create a image in the Groom’s family that they will hold minimum till the wedding is over. Make it great by the simple, sober, light, but bright makeup on your engagement day. We are expert in that, we have done the largest no of engagement makeups in Patna till now. You can be one of them.


Bridal Makeup is the niche we are in. We have been awarded several times only for our Bridal Makeup services. We have a Range, Variety, Quality, Efficiency & Skill that nobody matches in Patna .We provide Makeup services in Patna and outside Patna as well. We are one in 3 Best Rated Salons in Patna.


We do Makeup only as per the occasion, Makeup differs just like costume as the function changes. There must be a tuning among your Costume, Hairstyle , Makeup, and the Function. It is actually the recipe that makes you center of attraction of the whole function. Makeup and Hair is our responsibility but we can help you in choosing costume as well as per the function. Believe in only the professionals, like us, to intervene into your dreams. Otherwise, the wedding album is going to say a million words whole life. D’not worry, we w’not allow it to happen, just contact us, we are only a call away.


Every Bride is the Star of her wedding.


Months are spent on deciding the wedding date, the invitation lists, and the decorations. The thoughts of her clothing and accessories consume the bride’s every waking moment. In the midst of all the planning and organizing, the bride forgets the most important thing to take care of – herself.

We bring to you the top pre-bridal packages for brides-to-be, which may turn out be life savers in the middle of all the wedding chaos. Have a look!

Every bride wants to look their very best on the most crucial day of their life. The marriage is the most significant occasion in one’s life. If you’re a bride to be then you have to be a little nervous as well as excited at the same time. It’s the dream of every to-be bride to look glamorous and at the same time, keep all of it natural and luminous. Now, this is a domain dominated by Beauty island in which you need the assistance of an expert professional Make-up artist in Patna to create the look of your dreams on your wedding day. In case your professional photographer is will make you look lovely and stunning on your wedding album then the professional make-up artist is partially accountable for creating you look glamourous at the real and reel as well. At the chaos of the wedding preparation, the make-up of the bride is what things bells of insanity start ring as the wedding season starts nearing. There are many last-minute arrangements. While every other person involved with the wedding is responsible for something or the other, from the respective of the bride, her make-up is of the utmost concern to her. How she’ll look on her final evening and whether her make-up will complement her outfit or not is the only thing a bride can be worried about. Here a Bridal Makeup Artist at Patna. An experienced person is going to be the best choice as they can assist them to be the bride to unwind and stay stress-free during her various pre-wedding ceremonies. Employing the best Makeup Artist at Patna is the ideal option as opposed to attempting to do your very own wedding makeup. However many wedding make-up tutorials you’ve seen, the work of a professional is distinguishable from afar. The specialist makeup artist is also well known to the various shades which will suit your skin tone as well as the wedding gown. Your closing day look is curated by your wedding make-up artist, only for you. It’ll be distinctive and will give a hand at making you look spectacular on the primary event of your own life. Don’t forget your grin that is luminous Every minute detail of your wedding is under the supervision of the other members of your family, and everything is going to be perfect, just as you imagined. The only thing you need to focus on is yourself. Stressing before your wedding isn’t going to help. Once you hire the best bridal makeup artist in Patna, there’s not anything more to stress about whatsoever. The make-up artist has the proper amount of expertise to advise you on the colour palette which will suit your skin tone and compliment your bridal dress. Furthermore, the bridal make-up artist can suggest a preexisting wedding skincare routine which will improve. Bridal Makeup Artist at Patna. Best Beauty parlours in Patna Instagram Instagram Instagram