Loreal Bridal Makeup in Patna

You can have an experience of Loreal Bridal Makeup in Patna at Beauty island Loreal Professional Salon having the Bridal Makeup Artists well trained by Loreal Professional especially to let you have an experience of the same of the International Level. There lies nothing to say about the legacy of Quality the Brand Loreal carries with it. The same quality of makeup you will have if you opt us to have the Loreal Bridal Makeup in Patna by the Bridal Makeup Experts at Beauty island Loreal Professional Salon. 

Types of Makeup

It is lifetime opportunity that will not come. Beauty island delivers exclusive Bridal make-up services to everybody who wants to look remarkable on the day of their lifetime. We’ve Best bridal makeup artists at Patna. We plan them as per their wedding dress and the theme and our unique team of make-up artists can help you seem the gorgeous on your wedding day. Our make-up artist is a professional of grooming the brides who’s known to give magical makeovers through her makeup tricks. If you genuinely want to steal the spotlight and each gaze in your wedding day, then you know where to stop.

We provide Bridal Makeup Packages at most competitive price in Patna. Contact or request us to know our wedding makeup packages. Price varies between Bridal Makeup at Salon & at your venue.

What is High Defination (HD) Makeup ?

Following the HD cameras entered and captured the market, they exposed the tiniest details such as blemishes, wrinkles, folds, and even a thin and unnatural cakey makeup. It became hard for the makeup artists to conceal the small defects on the brides and celebs faces as each minute detail obtained was getting emphasized under the HD lenses. And that is what led to the Presence of HD Makeup or Higher Definition Makeup. Done in the traditional means of manual mixing using brushes and blenders, HD Makeup is what most celebs and international professionals make-up artists swear by. And the reason is clear, it provides a very natural, non-cakey plus a flawless look.

HD make-up was innovated to make the skin perfect on the screen. Therefore, as a bride, Hi-def Makeup can be an excellent option as you’re under the constant glare of the cameras. The HD make-up gives a focus to the face also makes it look natural and not as layered. HD Makeup is a better option whenever you wish a nondramatic and quite natural-looking skin base.

What is Airbrush Makeup ?

Airbrush is the most efficient way to achieve a radiant, perfected complexion. Airbrush is among the favorite make-up methods for HD picture, photography, and TV for reason: the fine mist of color is even and blended, with no severe lines, which makes it invisible on-screen and also to the naked eye.

Meaning your makeup will not be obvious in close-up pictures, or in person, regardless of the lighting conditions. It is a fantastic option for those who don’t wish to look like they are wearing makeup. Airbrush make-up looks amazing no matter what your age or skin color, and maybe custom blended for an ideal match & It suits everyone. Airbrush make-up is appropriate for very sensitive skin, and is oil- and fragrance-free. It is VERY lightweight, natural-looking, and long-lasting. Marriage is a really auspicious occasion and every woman wants to be incredibly beautiful on that day so the Airbrush Makeup best sits the occasion.

All Types of Makeup Available In Solon / On Venue

  • It is the most basic form of makeup.
  • Traditional cream, liquid, or powder-based makeup applied and blended manually with sponges, brushes, fingers.
  • The most important feature of makeup contouring and highlighting is not included.
  • The products being used are of the starting range.
  • It’s not waterproof, not sweat-proof, not Smashproof.
  • Also, the stability is less i.e around 3 to 4 hours.
  • It is ideal for short-duration party makeup.
  • The look is cakey, unnatural, or uneven.
HIGH DEFINATION , HD ( Engagement | Bridal | Reception | Mehndi | Sangeet | Party )
  • To tackle the limitations of Basic makeup and address new trends such as the natural look, a new range of makeup products emerged which we know as ‘HD makeup’ or High definition makeup.
  • Lighter makeup giving a much natural look. HD makeup is suitable for all skin types for it blends perfectly with the skin.
  • Regular makeup & HD makeup have similar application techniques. The only difference is in the products.
  • The HD Makeup gives a soft focus and makes the makeup appear more natural and less layered. It also leaves minimal residue and gives a  perfect finish to the face hiding all the acne and marks.
  • HD makeup products are lighter in texture, yet they give better coverage.  These products are neither too dewy in finish nor too matt, which help you get the perfect skin-like complexion with just the right amount of application.  It consists of light-diffusing ingredients such as Mica, Silicone, Crystals, or Quartz which soften the light reflected from the skin, helping the tackle the skin imperfections look and give a flawless, natural look great both camera & in real life.
  • Ideal coverage making skin imperfections less visible.
  • A smooth finish that is neither too oily nor too dry.
  • Fully waterproof, Sweatproof, & Smash proof.
  • Stay time ranges from 8 to 12 hours.
AIRBRUSH MAKEUP ( Engagement | Bridal | Reception | Mehndi | Sangeet | Party )
  • Airbrush Makeup is lightweight makeup that is applied with the use of an airgun. the chamber of this airgun is filled with a special liquid foundation that covers the face to give a flawless finish. This makes sure that the makeup blends perfectly with the skin. This also makes sure that the makeup does not look cakey and fake in the pictures.
  • The airbrush sprays a fine mist of makeup on your skin such that when these tiny droplets coalesce on your skin they form an extremely thin mask over it. Basic makeup on the other hand tends to show creases and creates very easily. This creates a world of difference on screen, especially in high-definition videos and photos. Both of which will probably be used in documenting your wedding.
  • An airbrush system can be altered to suit every type of makeup application by changing the air pressure for lighter, heavier, detailed, or broader make.
  • With the advent of Ultra HD or 4K cameras, Airbrush makeup has risen in popularity due to its unique quality of hiding the skin imperfections which would otherwise be visible with the traditional makeup techniques.
  • Its fine application gives a flawless, even natural-looking makeup compared to traditional makeup.
  • In the contemporary makeup scene, airbrush makeup has become a preferred option for bridal and events makeup due to its long-wearing and flawless appearance.
  • It is fully waterproof, sweat proof and smashproof.
  • It lasts longer than the HD Makeup. stay time ranges from 12 to 18 hours.
AIRBRUSH HD MAKEUP ( Engagement | Bridal | Reception | Mehndi | Sangeet | Party )
  • The process is same as in Airbrush makeup . Only difference lies in the product quality.
  • Great quality products. Best products of the industry is used for every element of Makeup.
  • IWATA the japanese brand of Airbrush and its HD products are used in this category , that we use exclusively in Patna. It is the NO. 1 Brand in the World in Airbrush.
  • Vast variety of colours in makeup base or eyeshadow and Lipsticks.
  • Makeup longevity. that ranges from 18 to 24 hours.
  • It is fully waterproof and sweatproof & Smashproof.
  • Ideal for all skin types and perfect for all types of climate.
  • Variety in coverage from Full- medium- light.