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Keratin Treatment in Patna

Utilizing a high temp flat iron, the keratin treatment is infused into hair, sealing the cuticle and repairing the damage. This way the hair becomes stronger, smoother and more manageable. Keratin treatments and products are best for thick, curly, frizzy or coarse hair. As the role of such treatments is to repair hair, keratin treatments and Hair Rebonding in Patna are also excellent for damaged or chemically treated hair. Keratin treatments aren’t intended for fine, straight or thin hair, however, hair care products containing keratin are really good for these hair types looking to repair harm, fight frizz, and protect strands. Keratin Treatments have numerous benefits! No more frizzy hair – Keratin hair treatments prevent hair from getting frizzy.

A good keratin treatment is able to keep hair from becoming frizzy for weeks, or months. The proteins keratin is able to keep hair from getting frizzy and keeps it sleek and shiny. Less time spent on hair drying – The time spent preparing hair in the morning can be frustrating, especially the time that’s spent drying hair. Among the big advantages of keratin treatment is that whenever the hair is worn straight, the protein can significantly reduce the time that it can take for the hair to dry. Long-lasting hair treatment – The effect of a Keratin treatment can even last up to six months.

The maintenance of keratin-treated hair is quite simple, all you should do so is wash your hair with a sodium sulfate-free shampoo to help maintain the effects and keep the hair looking wonderful for longer. Don’t wash your hair right after treatment – Make certain to wait a few days before you wash your hair after you have had a keratin treatment. The keratin solution takes some time to work and will be disrupted by washing it. If you are interested in high-quality keratin treatments and straightening, you are welcome to visit on Beauty island in Boring Road, Patna.

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