In India, we are glued together with the fabric of Culture, Tradition, Emotions, and Feeling to a high level. This is the very day the groom thinks himself a Prince and wants to see his Bride nothing less than a Princess. The whole family from this side and that side want to see and tell others to see that the daughter or the becoming daughter-in-law is really a jewel.

Appearance says many things. In 2 to 4 hours of the Wedding, the Bride has to say a Million words about her family and to the family, she is going through and only through the costume and makeup on the Very Day. Costume and Makeup both should not only be the best rather the best for you according to your Height, Weight, Complexion, and many more as shoes of different sizes are useless for different people.

At Beauty island, our Bridal Experts suggest you the Costume and Make you up nothing but the best. Have a look at some of our makeup videos.

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