Best Parlour in Patna

Best Salon in Patna

Beauty island Loreal Salon Patna is a chain of Salons most renowned for its Hair | Skin | Makeup & Nails Services due to its Passion | Professionalism | Skill | Quality & Calibre. We are the most sought-after salon in the whole of Patna and Bihar as a whole due to the way we treat our Guests. If you once visit the salon, you will be wholeheartedly welcomed like a Princess where every service will be your way and up to your expectations. We never try to impose our thinking on the client’s desires rather try to understand every minute detail of the client’s expectations & desires and try to suggest what suits her the best in terms of her Skin Texture | Hair Quality | Nails Condition  & Face Shape. We try to suggest the best product and technique according to the specifications of the individual client only. You can rely on us as you “TRUST” your family member for the overall beauty and wellness of your entire skin, hair, nails and Makeup. I assure you, you will never repent for the decision you take.

The Hair Services we offer at Beauty island Salon are at par with all the International Standards and techniques. The Techniques used over here are up to the latest version of all the Branded Salons Worldwide. We suggest any hair service to you only after knowing your hair Texture | Type | Strength &  Hydration. Rely on us we are the Best Doctor and Stylist for your Hair. Being a Loreal Professional Salon we take the responsibility of your Hair with utmost care that leads to the hair with Length | strength | Shine & hydration.

The Skin Servics Services available over here start from the Basic Clean up to to Hydration Facial. First we analyze the condition of your Skin then only we suggest the services to heal the same accordingly. The Skin issues which we face nowadays are usually due to the lifestyle changes | Pollution | Hormonal imbalances that lead to Pigmentation | Acne | Scars | Open Pores | Dryness of skin | Blackheads | Whiteheads etc are dealt by the Professionals with high precesion and skill with the most appropriate and latest product and technique available worldwide.

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Enter into the world of Healthy Hair having Length | Strength | Shine | Lustre & Hydration. The remedies to repair the damaged hair or keep the healthy hair intact , we do have have the services for each one of your requirements that is in par with all International Standards and Techniques.

The world of Tender | Glowing | Youthful Skin is just waiting for you. Enter into this world of Beauty, where your every concern of skin will be dealt with proper Products | Techniques | Tools and Skills. We have Skin Professionals having a long experience in the same industry.

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Makeup & Nails

Best Salon in Patna

We are really the experts in the industry of Makeup. We Love the business of Creativity. Our Professional Makeup Artists are well equipped and skilled to give you any Look you desire whether Natural | Glam | Flawless | Subtle | Bollywood inspired or any other as you wish.

Nails are the real jewels of your body. We try to make it as awesome as you are. The Acrylic or gel extensions with a variety of latest designs and creativity will keep your eyeballs wide open.

Best Parlour in Patna

Best Beauty Parlour in Patna

Beauty island is undoubtedly the Best Beauty Parlour in Patna as it is the Awarded Beauty Salon in All over Bihar, being awarded from Kareena Kapoor Khan, Karishma Kapoor, Preity Zinta to name a few.

Hot Selling Makeup Services

Beauty island Salon is the Best Salon in Patna for Bridal Makeup Services. We are having a great legacy of Makeup Services all over Bihar as we provide the Makeup Services in Salon | On Venue in almost all over Bihar. 

Engagement Makeup

You must start the first function of your wedding with a bang. Your beauty on that very day is of prime concern and we understand it very well.

Bridal Makeup

We deal the Bridal Makeup of our each Bride as we are doing the makeup of the pricess going to become a Queen And believe me we do the makeup accordingly.

Party Makeup

if you really want to be the cynosure of all the eyes of the Party you attend , just opt us. Our Skilled hands and professional expertise is eager to write the history for you.


Do you like my Hair ? Opt Beauty island Hair colour services , you can have the same or better than this. 

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Creative charts

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Our Professionals are the most creative minds and skilled hands in the industry 

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We can imagine and let you visualize how a particular makeup or hairstyle will look on you.

Hot Selling Services

Loreal Hair Spa

Hair spa is a must to let your hair remain its health, strength & Shine. Loreal being the market leader in it, may give you the same in the lowest cost possible

Hair Straightening

If you want the look of hair complete straight. We do have a lot no treatments to do the same including straightening , smoothening or the keratin treatment as per your hair demand.

Advanced Facials

Facials are a must and of course on a regular basis to let the dead skin cells out of the new skin cells and let the Tan or skin damage remain out of your skin ever.

Dry & Damaged Hair Treatments

Struggling to have healthy hair ? Frustrated with the dry & damaged hair ? opt our haircareservices to renew the health of your hair

Manicure & Pedicure

Relaxation is a must to have a calm mind , that may work at it's optimum level. If beauty accompany the relaxation, it's really a bonus.

Skin Treatments

If you have fed up with the skin issues like Acne, Pigmentation, Scars, Dual Tone, Open Pores. We are having a lot no of treatments to deal with each oe of them.

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Best Parlour in Patna

Bridal Makeup

Best Salon in Patna

Engagement Makeup

Our Art | Skill | Experience | Expertise | Passion | Perfection & Prfessionalism

Beauty island Chain of Salons is the Best Salon in Patna in every criterion you look at it. We are having professionals having more than 15 years of experience in their field of expertise. We do each service whether Skin | Hair or Makeup with due care, precision, patience and perfection. Our Guests are our God who keeps the salon going and let it reach new heights every now and then, and believe me, we treat them accordingly. If you opt us for your wedding makeup, your wedding album will never allow you to forget us. If you opt us for the hair services, whenever the wind will blow, your silky and shiny hair will ever remind you of us, if you opt the skin services over here, you will be fed up answering only one question to your friends What you actually do to your skin? and at last, if you opt for nail services over here, I am not sure whether you will get irritated or not by the No of admirations you will get from friends and family for the same. Beauty island Salon is undoubtedly the Best beauty parlour in Patna as it is tested and trusted by almost 3 ladies in 5. You can be one of those happy and beautiful ladies, just make a call to us. We are available at your fingertips.