What is HD Makeup

What is HD Makeup

What is HD MAKEUP?

Following the advent of high-quality cameras, Makeup artists find it challenging to hide small
imperfections like wrinkles, imperfections, and even thick, strange natural cake. And that’s
why HD Make-up and high-quality make-up came into the limelight. Hi-def make-up is done in the traditional way using Handbags, sponges, brushes, and blends are vowed by most celebrities and international professional make-up artists.
And the reason is apparent, it is very natural and gives a sleek and perfect look, not a cake.

The Makeup products used in Hi-def make-up, make this kind of make-up distinctive. Hi-def make-up
products are shiny and coated with light-emitting diodes, which help to dim the light when it returns.
Eventually, it all leads to a natural, clean and perfect view. Hi-def make-up still seems to hide defects,
imperfections, pores, scars, and more. This is the make-up that every girl dreams of, i.e., Hi-def
make-up, which may be made invisible and feather-like by perfectly concealing the blemishes and scars.
The product was designed to blend seamlessly into the skin.



Hi-def cameras show wrinkles or imperfections. Nevertheless, the thickest and most unnatural combination
of pancakes can be seen through Hi-def lenses. But the Best Makeup Artist in Patna covers up the imperfections at once so that they seem invisible. In Hi-def Makeup, Colors and formulas are designed to blend easily with the skin. Hi-def make-up is one of the cleanest and natural make-up
methods. It manages the right skin tone and is no longer available only to chosen renowned Makeup Salons.
Hi-def Makeup is usually utilized to take care of humidity as it may soothe cracks and crevices on skin
that is dry.


Item type

The products used in Hi-def make-up stand out from the rest. The Hi-def Makeup products are exclusive and are coated with a light scattering layer which can help blur the light when it reflects back. It
leads to a sleek, transparent yet perfect, and blemish-free look.

Good scratch cover

As described above, Hi-def Makeup offers great, shiny coverage that hides scars and pimples,
particularly when taken with a Hi-def camera. Hi-def make-up is recommended if you’ve lots of acne
and bumps on your face.

A more “natural” make-up look

Hi-def Makeup looks more natural. From heavy make-up options, this make-up can help to reach a more natural result. Nevertheless, there’s a hint in the application. The best would be to apply Hi-def
make-up by mixing sponges and brushes. Hi-def make-up is done with HD products that spread light on the skin. Let your Makeup Artist use these Hi-def products just the way you would like them,
and you’ll get the best and beautiful view we are speaking about. The key is to utilize these goods flawlessly and professionally. This way, you may create high-quality images.

Silicone light-reflecting particles

With light-scattering and light-reflecting particles, Hi-def Makeup
looks perfect and pure and hides the defects of the skin. It replaces the typical commercial cosmetic applications applied to store layers to get a natural look.

Pocket compatible

People many times judge their Look because “is it really worth the bill?” This is a very viable reason.
Because everyone wants to get the best once they pay, HD Makeup does not require any typical tool or professional experience, so it is very easy to remove. And it makes it even more user-friendly and worth the Price!

Summary: HD Makeup appears more natural. In heavy makeup options, this makeup helps to achieve a more natural result. However, there is some trick in the application. The best is to apply HD makeup by blending brushes and sponges. HD makeup is done with only HD products that spread light on the skin.
Tell your MUA to use these HD products just the way you want them, and you will get the perfect and the most beautiful Look you ever wanted to have. The key is to use these products perfectly and most
professionally. For this hire only the Best Makeup Artists in Patna.

Anupma Vatsa

Anupma Vatsa

The writer is the founder and CEO of Beauty island Salons , India, She is a well renouned Makeup Artist and running the most awarded Salon in Patna.

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the bride having airbrush makeup in her wedding by the airush bridal makeup artist best in her field in Patna

Airbrush Makeup in Patna

On your big day, as you must be trying to get the best look, so your skin should also look amazing. Opting for an airbrush makeup application is the best method to get flawless skin in your wedding. Nonetheless, it is important to know that with regards to airbrush make-up, there are cons and pros to the technique. Sure, when done properly, an airbrush finish may give you the complexion of your dreams, but there are a few downsides to consider before committing. 

Whatever you decide, whichever type of make-up is right for you? Check out these cons and pros before you decide anything. Anupma Vatsa, founder of Beauty island Salons says Whichever makeup you prefer, co-ordinate with your make-up artist to ensure that you must feel comfortable and confident on your wedding
day, without or with the airbrush. But First of all, get to know, 

What Is Airbrush Makeup?

Not sure what’s airbrush makeup? Do not worry, you are not alone. Before you can decide if you want airbrush make-up for your wedding, it can help to know exactly what it really is.

In brief, airbrushing uses the power of compressed air to spray a mist of foundation smoothly across
your skin using foundation cartridges that fit into the corresponding airbrushing system. You might
have seen make-up artists placing airbrush make-up with a little airbrush gun as an applicator that sprays the base. 

Why might you like to attempt airbrush makeup?

Have a look at these important cons and pros that Anupma shares.

Pro: Airbrush make-up lasts the full day
On your wedding day, you must not be willing to take the botheration and tension since your make-up has faded. The greatest advantage of airbrush make-up is it performs well. Anupma clarifies that most airbrush make-up is silicone-based, due to this, it lasts longer and is fully water-resistant. Therefore, you can freely have hugging and kissing, which will unavoidably happen through your wedding day.

Con: It may be flaky. The fantastic news? Airbrush make-up is the best for hydrated and moisturized skin. The damn good news? In case your skin is dry, then the spray-on product can start to flake. Anupma explains that since the formula is waterproof, the base is much less creamy than the regular makeup. If you have dry skin, consult your makeup artist to see if you can make airbrush work for your skin, and overall, take proper pre-bridal services to make the skin a bit hydrated leading up to the wedding day.

Pro: Airbrush make-up is known for its flawless finish. Allowing for an impeccably smooth finish.  Airbrushing permits for make-up to be applied evenly, allowing for an
impeccably smooth finish, Anupma describes. The best thing is it is ideal for you if you are crazy to take pictures all throughout the day.

Con: It could be difficult to re-blend.
Awful news for individuals who’re a bit more tear-prone (no shame!). If you end up crying along with your make-up Streaks, it is hard to fill those spots in with more airbrushing or normal make-up, which makes it. A lot more difficult to recreate your initial, flawless look. Nevertheless, if airbrush make-up is applied properly and it dries completely, this should not be a problem.

Pro: With airbrush make-up, a little goes a considerable way.
In case you don’t want to seem like you’re wearing a heavy coat of foundation, an airbrush could be right for you. Anupma clarifies how airbrush make-up needs less product and it provides you more coverage because of the spray application process.

Con: Your shade options are a bit more limited.
One of the disadvantages of this particular beauty ceremony is the absence of shade ranges. The kind of
The Foundation formula utilized with an airbrush is different from the regular foundation, and there’s more.
A limited selection of shades and brands to pick from. You might realize That your skin matches better with a traditional foundation.

Pro: It is easy to layer.
With respect to airbrush make-up cons and pros, this is a major pro. The application process is completely customizable whether you would like light coverage or love a complete face. Since airbrush make-up, it may be implemented in such fine layers, so it dries super fast, which implies you may add more layers for extra coverage if you would like.

Con: Generally, airbrush make-up is not as affordable.
Most professional make-up artists will consider airbrushing an add-on provider, meaning it is typically less expensive than a normal make-up application. In case you’re planning to pay for your bridal party’s services as well, airbrush make-up might not be a very cost-effective choice.

Curious about attempting airbrush?

Anupma recommends asking about it throughout your make-up trial, that’s the ideal time to see whether you think airbrush make-up is worth its price tag.

Why Do You Require Airbrush Makeup?

Many to-be-weds choose to splurge on airbrush make-up for their own wedding. Is airbrushing something you need? That really depends upon your wedding Objectives and whether you think the advantages of airbrushing are worth the extra price. Airbrush make-up is fantastic for those who!

1. for those who don’t want to have to skin any lovely moment throughout their wedding to touch up their makeup.

2. those who want the smooth finish that airbrushed make-up provides.

3. those who Want light-weight make-up that will not distract them throughout their big day

Finally, you want to have a look and the feeling of the most beautiful version of yourself on your big day. That’s why you must have a conversation with your makeup artist to see what he or she prefers for your budget, skin type, and wedding goals.


How to Find the Best Makeup Artist for your Wedding

How to find the Best Makeup Artist in Patna

Lots of thought and research goes into your wedding day. While attempting to locate the perfect venue, photographer, amusement, and of course, wedding dress, you’re continuously researching, relying on recommendations, and stalking the social network accounts of potential vendors. But choosing the proper the Bridal Make-up Artist would be different.

Risking your Bridal Makeup Look in the hands of someone else, a stranger may often be stressful. But Being secure in your decision and having trust in your chosen artist could make all the distinctions in the world. The Bridal Makeup Artist in Patna Anupma Vatsa explains what you should know, do, and ask prior to selecting one for your own for your wedding day.

Anupma Vatsa is the Best Make-up Artist in Patna and the creator of Beauty island. She has been working in the beauty sector for the last 10 years. Anupma Vatsa was formerly a Makeup Consultant in one of the MNC Beauty Brand and is being awarded many times within this segment.


Word of mouth is usually the most dependable way of procuring a Make-up Artist whose talents and techniques match your beauty objectives. Anupma Says, “When searching for a Make-up Artist I discover that referrals are A great way to start! Many of my clients are known to me by past and present clients through the years. It’s always good to discover the Make-up Artist in Patna which comes along with an excellent recommendation from someone you know.” Have a look at your friends’ Instagram pages to see their results, navigate online reviews, and be well aware of the artist’s portfolio before calling to book a consultation or trial. See the Bridal Makeup pics and the Bridal Makeup Videos of the Brides of Patna.

Once you begin considering choices for your Bridal Look, gather the images that appeal to you from Magazines, Pinterest, Beautyisland.in, as well as screenshots of people you know. It’s ok to not know precisely what you actually need, put some thought in mind will assist you to direct the conversations at the time of your own trial. Anupma suggests discussing your vision for your make-up along with the details of your marriage with the artist upfront. From there, she says, “Regardless if you want to have a subtle natural look or a dramatic one, As an artist, I ask several questions to comprehend the customer’s vision to ensure that I create the Look they’ve always wanted. ”

Before you book a trial and fall in love with an artist, then it’s important to assure their availability on your wedding date, in addition to their ability to accommodate the number of bridesmaids and family members who’ll also require professional make-up. Anupma Says this will influence pricing, time, and how many artists are wanted. Therefore, have your details in sequence and be responsible to share every minute detail. This discussion will prevent any hiccups or conflicts in the meantime the wedding. Get to know the Bridal Makeup Charges in Patna.

Anupma stresses your Bridal make-up should enhance your pure beauty, you should go with a comparable look to what you usually wear. Nevertheless, it’s equally important that you’re expecting a bit “more” for your wedding day. She explains, “Your Bridal makeup must be different as it should enhance the way you look usually. The camera doesn’t pick up the pigment as we see through the naked eye. The same is applicable to brows and lashes too, so don’t be afraid of your Bridal Makeup Artist  filling in your brows or wearing fake eyelashes.”

Explaining your Taste, desire, expectation, and preferred Look, the Makeup Artist will understand the same and will definitely create the features up to it. The Makeup Artist must design a look for you that complements your style and natural beauty.



Female Haircut as per your Face Shape

Haircut as per your Face Shape

With respect to knowing the best haircut for you, there are so many things to consider, from the feel and thickness of your hair to the shape of your face. It could be difficult to determine the shape of your face and which haircut suits it the best, we are now giving a quick look to guide you through it.

At Beauty island, Best Salon in Salon we have a team full of expert hairstylists/hairdressers that may give you a beautiful cut, color, or any other service you might want. In this blog, We’re going to chat about the best haircuts for various face shapes. Continue reading to learn more.

Oval Shaped Face

An oval face shape comes with a length that is longer than the width plus a jawline that is only slightly narrower than the hairline. An oval face has no prominent Angles or points. This face shape works with a large range of various haircuts and styles since it’s well-balanced and proportionate. While most hairstyles work For this face shape, some of the finest looks for this face shape include a blunt bob with face-framing bits or a shoulder-length cut with a few layers to add quantity

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are ones which are wider in the hairline and temples and gradually taper to a narrow chin. Whether you’ve a heart-shaped confront, your forehead can be a Notable feature and you probably have great cheekbones as well! For this face shape,it’s best to choose a haircut which either enriches your tapered face or that makes a perfect balance. Even a lob, or long bob, which goes past your shoulders, a side-parted pixie cut, or a long cut with a deep side part might help to showoff your best features.

Square Shaped Face

Square faces are wide and the forehead, cheekbones, and jawlines are almost having the same width. A strong jawline is usually the prominent aspect of this face shape. For this face shape, blunt bangs or a brief bob can balance your jawline. Few soft and wispy bangs that fall to the side may also look good, and this may soften The look of your face shape.

Round Faces

Round faces are characterized by being the same in length and width, and not having any prominent angles. Round faces frequently make the person look younger, which allows you to have fun with more youthful hairstyles. The most suitable haircuts for round faces are a long layered cut, a choppy pixie cut, a lob, or brief side bangs. These cuts might help add angles to your face and elongate your appearance.

Long Faces

Long faces are basically oval faces, just longer. The length of the face is longer than the width. The best hairstyles for this face shape comprise
Long cuts with layers to add volume, blunt bangs, side-swept bangs and chin-length bobs.

While there are other face shapes too, these are some of the most common. Figuring out what haircut works great with your face shape may help you in finding your perfect look! Our hairstylists might help!